"God of the living and the
dead accept our prayers
for those who have died in
Christ and are buried with
him in the hope of rising
again. In your mercy grant
them eternal rest."



Why should I choose to be buried in a Catholic cemetery? 

First and foremost, Catholic cemeteries are a vital part of our Church’s heritage of caring for and burying the bodies of the dead in blessed ground — one of the corporal works of mercy. 

Since our cemeteries are an extension of the ministry provided in your parish community, our Catholic cemeteries are gathering places of remembrance, consolation and communal support. The eucharist is celebrated in the cemeteries at times during the year. Religious symbols, which are expressive of our heritage of faith, are seen throughout our cemeteries. A caring staff dedicated to the mission of serving God’s people tends the grounds and offices.
Choosing a Catholic cemetery as a final resting place is a statement of your belief that, even in death, the people of God await the resurrection of the body and everlasting life. Your Catholic cemetery gives you a place where your loved ones can come to remember you and all generations past and future.